Victoria Redevelopment – Update from Victoria Forum

This is our understanding of where things are with the Masterplan, Planning Application for the Victoria Development and wider planning issues.

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Victoria Forum Responds to Developer Masterplan

The Victoria Forum has responded to Sanctuary’s master plan for the former Victoria Infirmary site, which was published online in December 2017 (response, pdf) . We recognise many positive aspects to the plan but some shortcomings need to be resolved.

Sanctuary’s masterplan explains well how it developed design principles. While the development proposals address many aspirations and concerns of the local community, some issues are not sufficiently well addressed:

  • Lack of social or economic analysis, especially relating to fit vs local housing need
  • Lack of children’s play area
  • Community room
  • Traffic and pedestrian safety
  • Public realm and place-making outside the site boundary

Masterplans describe how an area will be developed. They become ‘material considerations’ for planning application decisions after approval by the Council’s Neighbourhoods Committee.

While work continues at the site, we propose the following next steps:

  • Council officers to report on local social and economic needs.
  • Council officers to prepare a composite report of the needs analysis, the Sanctuary and Victoria Forum masterplans and other community input.
  • The composite masterplan to be presented for adoption by the Neighbourhoods Committee at its next meeting on 13th March.
  • If adopted, the detailed planning application will then be considered.

Read Sanctuary’s masterplan consolidated in one 45Mb pdf here, or in 9 parts on GCC’s website here – see planning application ref 17/02059/DC.

Read Victoria Forum’s response here.

The Victoria Planning Application is Premature

** Updated 31st October to include the representation from Pollokshields Community Council, and correction to deadline for comments. **

Planning permission for the Victoria Infirmary should not be granted while there is no masterplan in place. A masterplan is a framework, backed up by research and community input, that describes how the development should fit into the area. Without a masterplan how do we know how the development will impact things like school capacities, parking, traffic, public transport, cycle/pedestrian access, the local businesses? The councils own policy – The City Development Plan – requires a masterplan.

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Victoria Forum Objects to Planning Application

The Victoria Forum is demanding the planning application for the former Victoria site be rejected and put on hold until an acceptable masterplan document has been submitted and approved. The Forum has submitted it’s own Community Masterplan for consideration by the Planning and Neighbourhoods Committee. Read More

Final Sanctuary Consultation Materials Available Online

If you missed the final consultation held by Sanctuary Group in relation to the redevelopment of the Victoria Infirmary, the materials are available online.

The third and final consultation, held on 20th and 22nd April addressed both the proposed masterplan and the detail design for the redevelopment.

Read the consultation posters here:

This consultation forms part of the statutory pre-planning application consultation. You can respond to it by writing to:

Mr Alan Farningham, Farningham Planning Ltd either by post at The Bourse, Suite 107, 47 Timber Bush, Leith, Edinburgh or email alan.farningham@