A Community Masterplan for the Victoria Infirmary

The Victoria Forum, a coalition of four Community Councils, has prepared a Community Masterplan for the redevelopment of the Victoria Infirmary. It is based on local resident input gathered in a public consultation event on 22nd February 2017. You can read the community masterplan here (pdf).

The Infirmary closed in 2015 and was sold by NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde to Sanctuary Group in 2016 for £6.5M. Sanctuary proposes to build around 400 housing units on the site and presented its own masterplan for public consultation in April 2017.

The scope of the developer-led masterplan is limited and does not address many relevant and significant concerns held by local residents. For this reason, the Community Councils have prepared an alternative, community-led, masterplan.

The Victoria Forum expects that City Regeneration and Economy Committee (or its post-election replacement) to review both the developer-led and community-led masterplans, and adopt them as material considerations for the detailed planning application.

You can read the master plan here.

Do you agree with the masterplan? Please comment below, or send your comments to your community council.

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