Sanctuary Homes’ planning application for the Victoria site is imminent  – maybe next week – according to council officials, but where is the promised masterplan?

The Victoria Forum, which has been pressing for full public consultation and a wide-ranging masterplan for the Victoria Infirmary site and its surroundings, are sounding the alarm. The 6 meetings held at Langside  Library were Sanctuary’s public consultation for the masterplan they were bound – in agreement with Glasgow City Council policy – to develop for the site.  But where is the finalized masterplan? When will we see it?  How can the planning application be considered without first assessing the masterplan for the site?  Or was all that ‘consultation’ in the Library just a smokescreen while Sanctuary planned what they wanted all along?  

Concern has been mounting among Forum members since Sanctuary’s plans are strictly site- limited and do not consider the wider impact of their development on residents and the area.  Sanctuary have also refused to participate in the short life Working Group set up by Councillor Archie Graham with support from all our local councilors and on the initiative of the Forum. Its purpose is to bring stakeholders together to get some combined thought and action on parking, traffic management, pedestrian safety, public realm improvements, educational provision and other issues raised by local people. Already a feasibility study this year is promised by Land and Environmental Services to consider the traffic and public realm issues around Battlefield Rest.

Forum Chair, Evelyn Silber, commented, ’We look to councillors and planning officers to stand firm and insist that the planning application is premature if the completed masterplan has not been submitted and the community given a further opportunity to respond.’

Watch this space!

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