Victoria Forum Objects to Planning Application

The Victoria Forum is demanding the planning application for the former Victoria site be rejected and put on hold until an acceptable masterplan document has been submitted and approved. The Forum has submitted it’s own Community Masterplan for consideration by the Planning and Neighbourhoods Committee.

Sanctuary has submitted a complex planning application of many hundreds of pages. It was made public on the 3rd of October and is open for the public to make supporting or objecting responses until 31st October.

City policy requires a masterplan for the site to be approved before planning applications can be decided. Glasgow City Council has not prepared a masterplan and, contrary to their media statements, neither has Sanctuary. This makes a mockery of promises made to the community.

A masterplan should make clear how the development of over 400 new homes and new retail units should address the needs of the area in different respects, including:

  • Residence type, size and tenure
  • School catchments
  • Parking and traffic flows
  • Health care provision
  • Public transport, cycle and pedestrian access
  • Local businesses and jobs
  • Public spaces, play parks

We demand that GCC reject the Sanctuary application as premature, and in the absence of a meaningful masterplan from Sanctuary consider the alternative Community masterplan.

We encouraging local people to make their views known to planners as soon as possible and by 31st Octover at the latest.

More information

Contact : Evelyn Silber 0141 6497441 : Chris Carus 0785 2856969


  1. Stephen McLaughlin · October 20, 2017

    I strongly believe that a full masterplan should be submitted by Sactuary Homes and Glasgow City Council to both the public and the Victoria Forum as a matter of urgency. They need to be open and transparent with their plans for the site.


    • Victoria Forum · October 22, 2017

      Thanks for your comment Stephen. Please also write to the ward councillors and – most important of all – respond to the planning application.


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