The Victoria Planning Application is Premature

** Updated 31st October to include the representation from Pollokshields Community Council, and correction to deadline for comments. **

Planning permission for the Victoria Infirmary should not be granted while there is no masterplan in place. A masterplan is a framework, backed up by research and community input, that describes how the development should fit into the area. Without a masterplan how do we know how the development will impact things like school capacities, parking, traffic, public transport, cycle/pedestrian access, the local businesses? The councils own policy – The City Development Plan – requires a masterplan.

Instead of a masterplan the community has been presented with a mass of almost 400 complicated documents. No masterplan and not even a summary. Its almost like someone doesn’t want the community to have its say.

Its also notable that out of 400 documents they couldn’t include one 3D visual that shows how the site will appear in context. How close will it be to the Battlefield Rest, for example? Strange.

We recommend that the application be refused or put on hold while the council does what it should have done years ago, and which we have consistently campaigned for: put the necessary effort into creating a masterplan for the site. Figure out what is needed to address the needs, and complement the strengths, of Langside.

Here are the representations from

The deadline for objections is 31st October but the planning department has promised to accomodate as many representations received after this date as possible (we weren’t able to post on this site before now because of technical problems, but we did spread the word on social media – here and here – and in the press).  If you’d like to comment (supporting or objecting)

To comment register at Glasgow Online Planning, then search for application 17/02059/DC. This can be complicated, so alternatively you can email your comment (state ‘objection’ or ‘supportive’) to

The campaign doesn’t stop here. We will continue lobbying for full community input, and for more careful development of the area.

One comment

  1. Kirsty · November 1, 2017

    How can they start demolishing the building without planning permission is placed? I’m disgusted by how much of the old building they are removing. Especially as the building was originally a gift to the NHS.


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