About Victoria Infirmary

Empty since May 2015 the 9.5 acre site it is now on the market through Savills, Glasgow. A number of local people have grouped together as the Victoria Forum to ensure that the local community is consulted on the issues and opportunities arising from the re-development of this large, historic site and can work with planners and developers on a landmark, widely supported solution. Consultation needs to include all stakeholders – local people , the NHS on whose behalf this essentially public land is being sold, the local authority who will provide planning guidance and process the planning applications, and prospective developers interested in the purchase and development of the site which is zoned for ‘residential and supporting uses’.

A site of this scale and importance should have undergone a master planning process which would consider wider neighbourhood issues but none has taken place.   We seek to address this as the result will affect the whole area north, south, east and west for decades to come. It is a great opportunity, too important to be left solely to the formal planning process which depends on responses according to strictly limited criteria to a planning application from the developer(s).


What is special about the Victoria site?

Recent discussions within the Victoria Forum and by students in the Glasgow School of Art’s architecture school have identified many elements which make this 9.5 acre site deserving of master planning involving many stakeholders:

  • largest site available for development in the area in the foreseeable future
  • prominent hillside location overlooking Queen’s Park, Battlefield, Cathcart and Mt Florida
  • history including part of the Battle of Langside site
  • impact on the Battlefield community
  • potential for retail, young businesses and jobs
  • importance to Battlefield and Langside shops at risk following hospital closure
  • road transport links between Battlefield, Shawlands, Victoria Road, Mt Florida and Cathcart
  • opportunity to improve pedestrian and cycle routes across the site, linking park, school, transport , home and leisure activity
  • proximity to Hampden and its large scale events
  • scope for mixed development to meet a range of housing and associated needs including young families and older people
  • potential re-use of some buildings
  • traffic circulation, public transport and parking challenges


This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to encourage a landmark, mixed development of high design quality that create a sustainable, attractive, highly liveable environment we can all be proud of.

  • friendly to the needs of older people and young families
  • recognises and integrates into the wider southside community
  • addresses walking, parking and public transport needs
  • provides innovative urban housing on a great site
  • links into Queen’s Park

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